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Solar Energy Connect is designed to pair homeowners with residential solar companies in their area. If you find shopping for solar overwhelming, you’re not alone. Solar Energy Connect makes it simple to get a customized solar estimate. Just fill out our simple and secure online survey and we’ll match your responses with a top-rated solar installer in your area.

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As outlined in our Privacy Policy, the information you fill the form with will immediately enter our system and be matched with a local partner in your area *Note at this time that we don’t service the entire US. If you cannot complete the form due to being out of network we encourage you to check back at a later date.

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3000+ homeowners connected with local solar companies every week. Our network of residential solar installers is composed of qualified companies that provide expert consultation, reliable clean energy products, and viable financing options to help make going solar simple.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar Energy Connect helps you get in touch with solar installers in your area by passing your contact info along to solar companies in your area. To get started, fill out the quick questionnaire here.
If you used our free tool to find solar companies and nothing came up, it’s because we don’t have a solar partner in your area. We are expanding quickly though and hope to have more coverage in the very near future!
Please complete the form here and a sales associate will contact you shortly to discuss your options. In the meantime, click here to see a list of the installers we work with.
We were established in 2017 with the mission to help accelerate the clean energy movement, and haven’t looked back since!